In my book that I’m currently reading, Crazy Locoit talks about a kid in seventh grade and his own experiences in life. He does sports and hangs out with his little group of friends but then he tries to get his dream girl. She is in the same grade as him and she already has a boyfriend but our main character is determined. So he goes to a high school party but looks out of place as he is there by himself. He goes to a couple of activities at his school and it’s no big deal, but his experiences are probably the same as some of us kids and teenagers. That is only the beginning of the book so far but plot is really developing.
Kids always try to fit in and be cool but I feel as if they try to rush things or try to hard. It sucks as when you are going through phases like that in adolescence you really don’t think straight and do stupid stuff. This kid though was trying to get his crush to like him, like almost every guy does but it just isn’t working. It’s all a part of life though, he is just an average kid and that’s what pulled me into the book because everyone can relate to him in a certain way. So far I think this book is really going to focus on the good things and the bad things of childhood and I’m interested to see if his differed from mine or if its similar. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a funny and interesting story.


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