Stress Management Plan Log

While working on  this exercise  I felt free and felt like I didn’t have a care in the world. What I enjoyed the most while doing was  scoring a basket. The least I enjoyed the most was the playing defense also I hate  losing. The most challenging thing was  finding time to get to the gym after school.

Date of ActivityTime of ActivityLocationNotes: In this box, write out notes about your activity. How did you feel before you did the activity? After? What emotions were you having? How were you feeling physically? Any other comments? Include heart rate before AND after you practice.
12/7/175:00pm-6:30 pm 24 hour fitness Before the activity I was stressed from school. After i felt relieved and relaxed.  My emotions were more in a chill mode. Physically I was tired and didn’t feel  like moving.

Initial BPM: __63_____           Post BPM: 55__________

2 2/8/17 3:00 pm 5:00 pm 24 hour fitness Before the activity I was mentally exhausted from school . Once again i felt more relieved  and relaxed. My emotions  after was more of I didn’t care about anything I was happy. Physically I felt more in shape .

Initial BPM: __64_________           Post BPM: 56__________

3 2/9/17 5:15pm-6:15pm 24 hour fitnessBefore the work out mentally I was ready to give up on school because things were getting tough. After the workout I felt  like I could do all my school work and graduate. My emotion were under control  and I had a smile on my face. Physically I felt stronger.Initial BPM: ______65_____           Post BPM: 57__________
42/10/17 5:30pm-8:00pm 24 hour fitnessBefore  the workout mentally I   was stressed still about my school work. After the workout I forgot about all of my problems . My emotions were  calm and composed after. Physically I was tired and fatigue from the long workout.

Initial BPM: ____65______           Post BPM: 55__________

52/11/175:30pm-8:00 pm24 hour fitness Before the workout mentally I was  exhausted and ready to quit. After the workout  I was   feeling free. My emotions was  happy and chill. Physically I couldn’t feel my legs but I felt good after.
Initial BPM:63Post BPM:55

Initial BPM: ___________           Post BPM: __________


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