Reading Notes:

Chapters 13-16

April 30th 2017

p. 69 “we turned over the truck the gang had stole off of the wreck, and found boots, and blankets, and clothes, and all sorts of other things, and a lot of books, and a spy-glass, and three boxes of seegars. We  hadn’t ever been this rich before in either of our lives.”

Comments and Questions:

I found this quote to be very interesting because it shows that Jim and Huck aren’t all that different and that Huck, whether subconsciously or not, realises it. In his heart, perhaps not in his head because of the society at the time, he is an equal with Jim. They are both just two poor boys who have had a hard life on the run. I think this will make for an intriguing story line as Huck struggles with the fact that he infact likes Jim and thinks of him as an equal. It makes me ask the question, if they were to get caught how would Huck react? Would he tell the truth and about him and Jim, that they are friends and ran away together. Or because of the societal norms would he essentially throw him under the bus? Perhaps this scenario will never even occur, but if it does I am interesting to know how Huck will behave.


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