My topic that I talked about was GMO’s. I was trying to present my senior research on Genetically Modified Organisms.

To make the final recording I had to record over and over about 20 times to get it perfect and get it uploaded.

My oral presentation strengths are the pacing and tone of voice, also inflection as I say my points. My confidence in my oral presentation because now I feel comfortable and not so shy or seem nervous.

It felt good to watch myself on the recording because that was a challenging thing for me to do because I am camera shy.

Photo by msdonnalee


CC BY-SA 4.0 How are GMOs a Social Justice Issue? by Curtis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Yloni 2 years ago

    Hello Curtis, Your claim is very good however, there is no evidence to back up your claim. I feel this article could have been stronger if you had more evidence.

  2. Pavan 2 years ago

    Hello Curtis,
    It’s funny really, because the phrase, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is definitely being challenged here. You say that it negatively effects the poor, the environment, and health, yet you don’t actually provide any evidence toward it. I don’t want to look up any counterclaims at the moment, but if you do respond with some, then I’ll be back to refute. After all, this is promoting discussion.

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