Posted by Mireya on May 4, 2017


What has stressed me out throughout this whole school year was trying┬áto do everything at once, and constantly thinking of what I was going to do instead of doing it step by step. When I get too stressed out, I freak out. I only start stressing more, which only worsened the situation. I become lazy, so much thinking that I cannot focus on homework. As for emotions, either I’m super worried, desperate to the point of crying or it feel like it doesn’t matter anymore and give up. During the video How Stress Can Make You Sick I realized that that was how I was feeling and it scared me to know that if it is chronic then it could lead to heart disease. How Stress Affects Your Brain made me realize that I need to control my stress. Many things stated in the video I knew I was going through. It is important now for to find healthy ways to manage stress because then you can get things done. You do not want your hippo campus, which regulates stress, to weaken because then things will only get worse (going straight down hill all the way if you don’t hit the breaks). It is from stressful daily life situations, leading possibly to heart disease.