Chapters 1 through 5

“Yes, he’s got a father, but you can’t never find him these days. He used to lay drunk with the hogs in the tanyard, but he hain’t been seen in these parts for a year or more.” (7)



I think think the fact that Huck was neglected by a father who chose alcohol over him is going to have a big affect on the way he acts.  This might be a big contribution towards the skepticism and superstitions he has about the adult world.  Kids who are raised without strong parental figures sometimes behave differently than people who know the comfort of having parents.  They might not always trust adults because they have never had reason to based on the way they’ve been treated, which is why I feel it would affect Huck’s behavior.

I also wonder if this is foreshadowing to Huck’s father making a return to his life.  Although it could just be an introduction so readers know what Huck has been through, it could be put in so we get to know a future character who joins the story.

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  1. Mary 3 years ago

    There are many moments where there are clear signs of foreshadowing in the book, and I think you chose a good one because it sets the stage for the rest of the story regarding Huck’s father and his behavior. I definitely agree with how you pointed out that the presence of parents affect the child and how they act.

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