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This I Believe

I believe in the power of one and the might of many, of the sheer force of determination and the strength of justice against the dark. I believe in the warmth of the undivided, and the unspoken law of love. I believe that change can both threaten and cultivate these powers. The perception of change, like a whisper, spreads through minds both big and small, planting seeds of revolution. A resolute conviction of the significance of freedom blooms from the ashes of subjugation. Like a curtain pulled by the will of tenacity, a dazzling horizon of promise is revealed, fueling the aspirations of those who serve both the influence of good and evil. I believe that change can divide us, leaving us disenchanted by that which separates us and weary of that which unites us. I believe that change is culminating; culminating in our books, in our news, in our schools, and most importantly, in our minds. A thirst for revolution bubbles between our society’s streets, cracked with the segregation of the disillusioned and crumbling with the weight of those denied false realities spewed from spitting tongues. I believe that our insurrection will be our world’s resurrection, and a battle between the powers will lead to a balance among them. We are as strong as we are united and weak as we are alone. By joining hands, we can soothe the wounds of the past and make the most out of the fixed truths and infinite possibilities of the future. Alterations inevitably precede altercation; the gates of change are more often than not heralded by turmoil. We are in a time of utmost human conflict, a calamity of virtue itself. We as a race create and control our fate, but only by demolishing the past can we build a sustainable future out of the dust. The world is watching; a feral passionate thing with widened eyes and a taste for destruction in the face of a people starving for harmony. We are blinded by the barriers of the obstinate mind, yet through unification we show another meaning of the word unyielding. There is a certain power in change, how it is balanced on the brink of resolution and cataclysm. Yet, within change is a hope for that which exceeds the realms of our past.


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