My Reminder to Never Give Up

As we live our lives, everyone has to go through tough times and has opportunities to give up or take the easy way out. I believe in the importance of perseverance. We have to struggle through our difficulties to grow as people and have the best life we can possibly have.

My family has been the most significant example of how important perseverance is and as I grew up they taught me how to never give up. When I was young, my grandma told me a particular story that has stuck with me my whole life. It demonstrates her ability to persevere along with how important it was for her to not give up. Up until she was five years old, my grandma lived in a Spanish speaking community in Texas with her immigrant parents, and had only ever spoken Spanish. When her father was offered a job in Michigan, her whole family moved to a new town where everyone only spoke English. She attended a local elementary school for kindergarten, and could not communicate with any of her teachers or any other students. Learning was impossible when she could not understand what her teachers were saying. She never received any help learning English from her school, and was teased by the other students for her struggle with the new language. Despite her negative school environment, my grandma kept going every day and tried her hardest. Unfortunately, she had to repeat kindergarten three times. However, she still continued to improve her ability to speak English until she was able to move forward. Whenever my grandma has told me this story, she reminds me that if she had given up, she never would have made it to where she is today. Without going through elementary school and eventually graduating from high school, she would not have been able to get the job she had to support her family. This was the first of many valuable lessons that my family taught me about perseverance, and I think about it whenever I feel tempted to give up.

Perseverance is an important part of life, and the mindset of never giving up is something  everyone should posses. I strive to improve my ability to persevere and to continue to work through tough times.

  1. Kristy 3 years ago

    Wow Xochitl this is such a great piece. I especially love that you included the story about your grandma. repeating kindergarten three times and having to learn a completely new language on her own, it shows an incredible amount of perseverance.

  2. Irene 3 years ago

    Xochitl, I agree with you that perseverance is very important in life for achieving success and not giving up despite the difficulties. This story of your grandma and how she never gave up learning even though she had a very tough time also reminded me that it is important to persevere, and my respect really goes out to your grandma. I really appreciate your essay and your personal example of never giving up!

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