I believe in the capabilities of one’s own mind.  The amount of power you can find within yourself is exponential compared to what we find in others.  Whether it be ways to help yourself or ways to help other people, you can find the greatest ideas within.  Ultimately, going off of others’ thoughts isn’t the most beneficial way to resolve problems and make good decisions.

I have experienced the value of relying on myself many times throughout my life.  I am constantly put in situations where I need to help myself move forward, and make the best choice for my own betterment.  Instances that stand out to me the most are ones involving relationships with other people.  There have been occasions when I realize a friend is a toxin in my life and I need to decide how I can fix things.  A decision like this is difficult and if I had turned and asked someone else how to fix the problem, it is likely I could have made the wrong decision.  Someone could advise me to keep the toxic person in my life, and not worry about their actions, but the best decision is to remove them from my life, eliminating negativity.  By choosing for myself and realizing the consequences of my own ideas, I get satisfaction by bringing positivity in.  I do what is best for me when resolutions to problems are ideas I came up with on my own.

I have improved my quality of life significantly by not listening to what others tell me is best, but listening to what myself tells me if best.  Before I got my first job my mom told me “you won’t have time and you should really focus on school” and if I had listened to her, I wouldn’t have gotten my job teaching kids how to swim.  My first job is what put me ahead of the game to get my current job that brings so much joy into my life.  By taking initiative and listening to what my mind told me, I bettered my life.  I am forever grateful that my thoughts told me my first job was a good idea, opening a window of opportunity for happiness.

Will Compton said, “Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have” and that statement could not resonate to be truer.  Your mind has the power to make choices that are life altering.  A single thought branches into a decision that can change the way your life pans out forever.  Whether it be removing someone from your life, deciding to take that minimum wage job or anything along those lines, every decision you make impacts you.  The impact can be small, or the impact can be great, but either way, your mind is what’s behind it all.  So by relying on yourself, and relying on your choices, you are impacting your life with the most powerful weapon known to man in.



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  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    I really loved your piece because I think having enough confidence to stand up for yourself is something a lot of people struggle with. There are times when listening to others can help, but it’s also really important to listen to your gut! Thank you so much for sharing your piece!

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