Context: We have been reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain in class. I have written a dialectic journal. Throughout the book, I have been observing the relationship between ignorance/ education and the text.   Tom Sawyer comments on Huck’s intelligence, calling him ignorant which I think is a theme in the book. Since the book took place in the pre-civil war 1800s in a town in Missouri education was not widely accessible. Especially not for black’s. In this time period people like Huck could only get an education from those they lived with. Huck doesn’t seem to interested in being educated and remains ignorant. Like many others in the South, Huck makes conjectures based on what he interprets is true. Although he believes what he sees is true, he often makes assumptions that are not based off of fact. Unlike his friend Tom, Huck seems not to like to read pushing him further into ignorance. When Huck and Tom are talking about there robbing gang Tom repeatedly points out that Huck is ignorant and doesn’t read books. This ignorance drives what happens later in the novel and will be interesting to look for. Another contributor of Huck’s ignorance is Miss Watson, a woman who is inexperienced in teaching. Her lack of experience has made Huck dislike learning and has given him no motivation to engage. She drills him with boring lessons, ironically turning him against education rather than towards it. Her ignorance in how to teach causes ignorance in Huck who doesn’t want to learn. I will continue to observe their relationship throughout the rest of the book

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