Quote: “I’ve been in town two days, and I hain’t heard nothing but about you bein’ rich. I heard about it away down the river, too That’s why I come.” (Twain 18)

Huck’s life is hard enough without a father straight up just telling him that he only is around him for money. Every child just wants a loving parent in their life, but Huck couldn’t luck out. Huck desperately needs love, not being told he’s basically only good for money by his father. His father’s neglect will eventually lead to Huck’s demise, like him running away. Even though it might seem like Huck running away was a good thing, it was extremely risky and certainly for someone as young as he. The way Huck is acting is situational; he is too impulsive and it is because of how his father treated him.


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  1. Hadley 2 years ago

    Hi Jordan,
    I completely agree with you on the fact that his fathers abusive tendencies towards Huck have definitely shaped him into the rebellious child that he is. I also think that Huck was secretly hoping that his father came back for him and not just the money but this lined ruined all of the little hope he had, which really pushed him to run away.

  2. Irene 2 years ago

    Jordan, I totally agree with you on how Huck’s personality and life were shaped by his abusive father who only cares about the money. Like you said, Huck running away on his own is really risky and dangerous, but I kind of understand why he would because of his hard life with his drunk father.

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