1. Paul 3 months ago

    I completely agree with you. Confidence gives a person energy to overcome all self doubt and shyness, and lets someone stand out and accomplish goals better. I think the examples you give highlight the importance of being confident in oneself. I think being confident opens doors for a person to be much more successful and fulfilled in life. Overall I think this is a very good essay.

  2. Cole 4 months ago

    Definitely. If you go into something thinking you are going to fail or you don’t think you know the material you are most likely going to fail but if you take something and tell yourself I’ve got his or I can do this you are going to do better.

  3. Jordan 4 months ago

    I am really impressed with your work! I think that so many high schoolers need to gain confidence for so many aspects of their lives! Just like how it was affecting your school work. This message needs to be spread, so thank you for your work.

  4. Evan 4 months ago

    I agree with your essay. Though I didn’t know you were shy or struggling in school I can get behind you on your message. I too believe that confidence is the key to success. I wonder though how did you overcome being shy?

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