If one considers the enigma that is the complex and often confusing personality that is Kendall Bubolz, one may notice her habit to act as the devil’s advocate, often bringing up uncommon or polarizing opinions. This trait has been found to bother many a teacher, parent, and friend, but it is an integral part of Kendall’s personality and must be understood in order to begin understanding Kendall as a whole. A little known truth is that while most people think that Kendall causes arguments, it’s actually arguments that cause Kendall to be happy. A wild Kendall in one of her natural habitats, school, is often found arguing with Connor Landay or Mr. Swan. A typical discourse may follow lines as such:

Mr. Swan: “You are banned from my room!”

Kendall: “Why?”

Mr. Swan: “Vandalism!”

Kendall: “I did not vandalize your room!”

Mr. Swan: “You taped pencils to my ceiling, to my projector, to my smart board marker, and to my wall!”

Kendall: “But that is not vandalism!”

Mr. Swan: “You are banned!”

Kendall: “The legal definition of vandalism is to damage or destroy someone else’s property with malicious intent! I did not damage any pencils or classroom materials, nor did I tape the pencils with malicious intent!”

Mr. Swan: “Banned!”

Contrary to popular belief that Kendall causes arguments, Kendall simply acts in an unconventional way or speaks in a such a way as to cause controversy. Since Kendall cannot argue with herself without sounding like a raving lunatic, she is not the one fighting at this stage. She is simply stating an opinion that may be polarizing to some people, but she is not actually instigating a fight by stating her view. Therefore, Kendall does not cause arguments in this situation.

As such, it is the second person, whether it be Mr. Swan, or Connor Landay, or anyone else, who begins the argument by challenging or disagreeing with Kendall’s actions or viewpoints. Thus, their response to the initial commentary is what starts the conflict. As per the common saying, “it takes two to tango.” Kendall is not tangoing alone by telling the world how she feels, but other people tend to instigate the tango by responding to what Kendall has said.

Unlike most humans, who find arguing to be deplorable and trying, Kendall thrives on trivial arguments as such. It brings Kendall great joy to discourse over matters such as whether or not rabbits lay eggs. Sometimes, Kendall will even bring up statements that are false, and if people cause an argument, she will gladly participate. Kendall becomes bored easily, and if a verbal sparring partner is not up to par and cannot handle the discussion, she will stop participating. Kendall enjoys a good trivial argument. She not only finds it interesting and fun, but she also finds it to be a good source of mental exercise.

In conclusion, even though most people think that Kendall causes arguments, it’s actually arguments that cause Kendall to be happy. Arguments, for Kendall, are like a board game, with a winner and a loser, and she relishes the experience, just like other people may relish a good game of Scrabble or Uno. It is important to recognize that Kendall does not start the argument, but rather, simply states her opinion, and it is other people that often begin a discussion by disagreeing. It is also vital to remember that Kendall deeply enjoys arguing, and that it is an important part of her life. Thus, the next time you meet a Kendall on the street, consider participating in a bit of a disagreement.

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