I believe that people need friendship in order to succeed, to accomplish goals, jump obstacles in life, and overall to just have a good time.

I first lived in Florida for kindergarten and preschool, and when I was 7 years old, my family decided to move to Okemos, Michigan. The first day of school at a completely new school is always the hardest day. You don’t know anybody, and nobody knows you. But the moment I walk in on the first day, I met a fellow 1st grader, and he said hello to me. After we started talking, we instantly became friends, and we would always hang out, eat lunch together, and talk during class time until the teacher told us to stop. This friendship really helped me settle into this new elementary school, and we are still friends to this date.

After our move, I would continue to go to school here in Okemos. My friends and I always hung out and played sports. But during middle school, my friend persuaded me to join the track team. Although I played soccer and tennis, I didn’t think of myself as a good runner. But he persuaded me anyway, and we both joined the track team. I am still glad to this day that my friends convinced me to run track, because track was the best part of middle school, and still is for high school. Of course, at first, I wasn’t good or bad. But I continued to work out with my friends, going to track every day and getting better time records for each practice. Ultimately, my friends and I helped each other out by making all of us better runners, with encouragement, confidence, and commitment.

I don’t know if many people realize this, but friendship is one of the most important things you can have in life. Friends help you with issues, such as mine where I moved to a new school, and help each other overcome obstacles we all have, like conditioning for the first season of track. Even if you aren’t the most social or outgoing person, having a friend by your side will really help you out.


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  1. Ruben 3 years ago

    Dear Thomas,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Friends have also gotten me to do things I would have never imagined of doing, and it really opened my eyes and showed me that I can do just about anything as long as I have support and I put my mind to it. I have also had many experiences like yours as well. I have moved a lot and, of course, this results in me having to change schools, so I know how it is to feel worried that you might not fit into this school or that no one will like you. Of course then, after walking around a bit and just getting use to your surroundings and your peers, you finally meet someone or they walk up to you, most likely the second one if you’re the shy type like me, and as you start talking to them more and more you guys become friends. Sometimes though they aren’t the friends that support you or show you something new, but when it is that way then you know, or at least feel like, in the long run that they will help you succeed more in life then what you could only do by yourself. I am really pleased that you have brought this topic up because it is true, and not a lot of people see this, so again thank you and I can’t wait to see what you have to say next.

  2. Tuan 3 years ago

    Thomas, I totally agree with you that people need friendships to succeed. I think bonds with friends are something that you need to treasure because it is something that cannot be broken. All in all, really nice job with your essay.

  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    I totally agree that friendships leads to happiness. Without my friends I wouldn’t know what to do or how to make stuff decisions. Some friends can be very helpful to us like guide you to picking the right college or the right job. But then there are friends or could leave us down the wrong pass that make bad decisions with us. So I would advise that you always choose your friends wisely or there may be consequences.

  4. Autumn 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas! I really liked your introduction to the start of your essay. It was really unique to hear everyone’s different opinions on what they believed in and it was cool to hear all the different voices. I have to agree with you that friendship is the most important thing. I know I personally rely on my friends for everything. They are the first people I go to when something bad or good happens and they do the same in return. Friends are your chosen family and they get you like no one else. Friends know who you truly are and have stayed because of how much you have in common. No one is the exact same though, and I believe friends bring out the good in one another and make up for the parts each other lacks. I can honestly say friends are the most important thing to me in my life and I honestly don’t know who I would be without them.

  5. Vail 3 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more about the importance of friendships! Friends allow us to express ourselves as we are! However, choose them wisely because they will shape who you are. Having friends makes us feel secure, so if you see someone who doesn’t have any, its good to reach out to them!

  6. Onyu Pak 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas! I strongly agree that friendship is very important in relationship with others. I also think that having friends who helps you out to get use in new place is very important. I felt the same as you, because I was in similar situation like moving into new place without knowing anyone in that place. Thank you for your essay and sharing your belief!

  7. Rylan 3 years ago

    Hello Thomas! I agree, friendship is super important. However, it is also super important to have friends that support and respect you. Regardless though, having a friend is great and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in my opinion. Thank you for this piece! Keep up the good work!

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