What if Lebron James was never in the NBA, and wasn’t alive?
What if basketball wasn’t a sport invented until 10 years later?
What if humans got to meet mystery animals like aliens, Bigfoot, and more?
What if humans turned into anything that they wanted to be?
What if nobody was alive?
What if neither the Earth nor the other planets in the solar system existed?
What if video games turned into real life video games?
What if famous people got to meet each person in the world?
What if your inspiration person meets you?
What if you could be a hero, and could get super powers?
What if everybody was a specific person?
What if your animal turned into a human, and knows how to talk any language?

CC BY-SA 4.0 What If… by Mathew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jasmin 4 months ago

    Dear Mathew,
    I am interested in your post because you seem to look at things from another perspective. Not a lot of people think about the ¨What if¨ in anything. I believe that people should be grateful for the things they have because none of what we have today, like phones and computers, existed a long time ago. Something that was interesting was ¨What if nobody was alive?¨ This interested me because no one really thinks about things like this and what would happen if nothing or nobody was alive. Thank you for your post and I will be looking forward to your next post.

  2. Vail 4 months ago

    Wow… you asked some very thought-provoking questions in this poem! My favorite was “What if neither the Earth nor the other planets in the solar system existed?” One question that popped into my head when I was finished reading it was: What if everything that happened in the world revolved around me, and my mind is like the control center of everything?

  3. MacKenzie 4 months ago

    Hi Mathew
    I really liked reading your post. I like how you asked what if to a lot of things that people don’t think about on a daily basis. Your post really opens peoples eye to other what ifs. I think in life there are a lot of what ifs. What if I don;t get into college. What if I don’t get a job. There are many what ifs out there.

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