I hear Chieftains cheering, the diverse hymns I hear,

Those of football players each one cheering his as it should be thoughtless and bold,

The tennis player cheering her’s as she calculates her ball or racquet,

The soccer player cheering her’s as she makes ready for battle, or leaves off battle,

The basketball player cheering what belongs to her in her court, the coach cheering on the side


The softball players cheering as she stands on her field, the batter cheering as she stands,

The parents cheering, the teams on their way in the morning, or at halftime or at sundown,

The wonderful cheering of the cheerleaders, or of the young players on the field, or of the young

      future athletes playing or watching,

Each cheering what is assigned to him or her and to no one else,

The day what is assigned to the day–at night the celebration of young athletes, strong and proud,

Cheering with open mouths their strong harmonious cheers.


I.S.O. to I hear America Singing by Walt Whitman

  1. Tala 3 years ago

    Hi Mackenzie! Thank you for sharing your poem! In my opinion, lots of people (not just students) can find this relatable. In some way or another, we have all stood up and cheered on someone else in our life time.

  2. Vail 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading your poem! I found it very relatable being a multi-sport athlete myself. And it was very interesting how you showed the different ways everyone cheers from their perspective in the sports world.

  3. Jimmy 3 years ago

    This poem really talks of the compassion we can all share for the sports in which we play and how they mold us into who we are today. Thanks for the post!

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