Have you ever had a teacher in your school that people do not like and you thought that you did not like her either? But when you meet her she turns out to be nice. Well, I have I did not like one of my teachers because of what other students have said. But when I met this teacher she turned out to be just fine. Nothing people said was true about her. She is a nice kind thoughtful and caring person. I should not have agreed with the students earlier on without getting to know this teacher at all.

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  1. Naomi 1 year ago

    Hey Beatrice!

    I have had this experience multiple times as well. Over the last few years in high school, I learned that liking a class/teacher depends on a lot of things, not just the teacher, like the students in the class and the time of day.


  2. MacKenzie 1 year ago

    Hi Beatrice
    I really enjoyed reading you post. I too had a teacher like this my junior year. Everyone would go through the hallways saying how bad of a teacher she was. How she was mean to everyone. So when I heard this I thought I was going to be in for a now so fun year. When to first day of class round around I though this was the end, but I was wrong. It turned out she was not so mean after all she just wanted kids to listen. Overall we had a great year.

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