Posted by Agnes on April 27, 2017

Best Way to Manage My Stress

If I am going to be honest with myself, working out is the best way for me to release stress or get things off my mind. I started working out last year during the summer and stopped around October. I actually was feeling more better, not only because it made me feel stress free but also it made me more active. If I start this back up again, I do believe it will help and be enjoyable as it always had been for me because I have a workout buddy and working out with another person can also be a way to talk and get stuff off your mind as well. I think I can try to fit working out back in my schedule after this month of March. Because as of right now I have many things I need to get done so I think during Spring Break would be a good time for me. And so if I can do this on a daily basis, “Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind.”(10 Tips to Manage Stress) I just hope I can get back to this.

Photo by emiliechenphotography