Love: The definition “to fall in love” was first used in the early 15c. The term “to be in love” was evolved in 1500 c. Although this word has existed for many years it appears to seem that the definition has altered, or added on to the original definition. I found one word called “lufu,” it was used in Old English and it represents the feeling of love.

Soccer: Created in 1895, the word soccer became a slang for Association in Football. I wouldnt say its been used for so long, but I would say the definitions have been altered through time. The word football is associated with soccer because of the sport.

Betray: The first version of betray, bitrayen, was used in late 13c. I would say it is very old just like Love, but like love the word itself has evolved. Words I would associate it with would be double-cross, because  it’s the actual feel and doing.

Close Read:

Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 153-156

“Give me a taper! Call up all my people! / This accident is not unlike my dream; / Belief of it oppresses me already. / Light, I say, Light!”

In the beginning of the movie Brabantio had a horrifying nightmare of something going terrible wrong still it was yet to be know. Now referring back to the text, Brabantio asked for a “taper” meaning light. He has called for his people for he fears something has gone wrong, or something is about to happen. He hopes for this that is truly happening is not like his dream, for it shall cause him much pain. For he has felt it already in his dream, would not want for it to truly come to life, to hurt his only daughter. Brabantio asked for light, light represents the clarity he wants to see what is truly happening.

Act 3, Scene 3, Lines 333-343

“I am glad I have found this napkin, / This was her first remembrance from the Moor. / My wayward husband hath a hundred times / Wooed me to steal it, but she so loves the token / (For he conjured her she should ever keep it) / That she reserves it evermore about her / To kiss and talk to. I’ll have the work ta’en out / And give’t Iago. What he will do with it / Heaven knows, not I. / I nothing but to please his fantasy.”

In the beginning of the scene Emilia is over hearing Desdemona and Othello’s conversation. As othello and desdemona argue, Desdemona accidentally drops her favorite token from the moor, which is a handkerchief. This is the first token of love given to desdemona by othello, which clearly has great meaning of love. Although, if it is to be lost then a world of tragedy will fall upon the couple. As desdemona argues with Othello is seemed as if she has dropped it without notice, Causing the couple to move along onto another scene. Emilia has given this situation no thought, as she picks up the valuable token of love. As she remembers how much her husband Iago pleased for it, she has taken it in hope that her husband’s eyes will love her for ever more.


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