The name of the first video i watched was  “TED’s secret to great public speaking” .The second video I watched was Good and Bad Examples of Presentation.Chris Anderson wanted viewers to understand public is very important and is needed in today’s society.Its very important to stay with a good tone. Some annotations I made was I agree the difference between a good presentation and a bad one it has notable mistakes that are easy to make up during the presentation. I understand everything how to dress and to have a script a memorize that script so you sound formal and learn how to project your voice. The thought of presenting in front of people I don’t know is doesn’t bother me because i feel confident with my topic and i know exactly what I have to do.I set expectations for myself I can’t do bad I know what is expected the day of my exhibition presentation.Some past experiences I had with oral presentations are good first time was in 4th grade i had to research about animals.During my senior year I started to oral presentations at middle about being a student athlete.


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