Quote: ”[Iago] If she be black, and thereto have a wit, she’ll find a white that shall her blackness fit.” (Act 2.i.146-147) ¨[Iago]¨She never yet was foolish that was fair; for even her folly helpd her to an heir¨ (Act 2.i.150-151)

Analysis: The phrase ¨blackness fit”could refer to an ugly lady being smart enough to find any guy to sleep with her. Given that Iago can even stand his wife, the  minute Emilia says something Iago can stand her. This just shows how Iago doesn’t care about her. Looking through it from a feminist lens, women seem easy and have no respect for themselves, be cause Iago is putting all types of women down. He says women who are ugly in many people’s eyes are very easy to be slept with because they have no morals or standards. The second thing Iago says about women’s stupidity is attractive to men actually happens nowadays while the women who don’t act like that find it harder to find a man that will fulfill their happiness


Quote: “[Iago] You see this fellow that is gone before; he is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar and give direction.”

Analysis: The phrase ¨solider fit¨ can refer to Cassio being one of the best soldiers Othello can have due to his loyalty and determination. By mentioning Caesar, it makes Cassio more than qualified because Caesar is supposedly one of the great emperors, but if we remember back in that time Caesar was stabbed in the back by his best friend, someone he trusted with his life yet his life was taken by that one person. That bring it back to Iago, he is planning everything in order to do the exact same thing and the thing is Othello doesn’t even know, itś more than likely the last person he would think of. So by Iago saying Cassio is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar he’s saying Cassio is so good at what does that even Caesar would have him, yet Iago is like the best friend stabbing Cassio in his back by causing Othello to take his reputation away. Cassio has no idea of the whole thing because he would consider Iago a trusting and honest friend.



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