Here is a list of 10 things related to my everyday life.

  1. In my spare time I like to play basketball with a few friends from the schools team.
  2. Also in my spare time I spend time with family.
  3. One thing I like to do that others might not is to go fishing.
  4. Another thing I like to do is watch wrestling which not to many people do.
  5. Lately, our President has been a topic because of the choices he has made so far.
  6. Suicide has also been another topic that has been generating amongst the internet due to incidents that have recently happened.
  7. One of the two shows I enjoy watching is called Prison Break.
  8. The second show I enjoy watching is Criminal minds.
  9. The average American likes a yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I on the other hand do not enjoy this kind of sandwich.  
  10. My siblings all eat sour cream on their tacos but I cannot even bear to look at it.
  11. Family comes before anything.

One that I would like to go in depth about is number 11 because Family to me is always going to be the group of people that has your back in rough situations such as like my mom is helping with my work , my cousin and one of my sisters help me with my work all that so that I could Graduate . But with someone else their friends can be everything to them because of their reasons like it could be because they don’t feel the same love from their family.



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