When I was reading the lyrics you can tell the writer has been through alot with someone they love.  The song makes me think of hardships that happen in many people’s lives. The song is relatable and the words make you think about your own life. Going back reading the lyrics again you learn that the writer I can see that the writer is actually referring to the world or maybe even the government.  When he says “ Take back your words, take back your lands.  Take back your heart, take back your pride.Don’t got to run, don’t got to hide.Revolution.” I think the writer is trying to express how if we don’t stand up for something we will fail. Truthfully I like the lyrics because they are empowering and help give people an idea of what is going on behind our backs.  The song is trying to speak truth to open eyes to whoever will listen.


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  1. Angelica 2 years ago

    Hello Reyondre, I was very interested by your post about music because I think music is a very important instrument in our lives at the moment. The events that are happening have made people feel pessimistic and music is something that seems to bring us together at rough times. Not only has music spoken out about political issues, it has also tried to bring focus on social issues as well. The VMAs had a very touching performance about suicide prevention, and your post about music made me think about the impact the song “1-800-273-8255” had on the audience. If you would like to read more about the song writer and his song here’s a link : http://www.quchronicle.com/2017/09/logic-made-the-right-call/. When you shared those lyrics from a song that you heard, I can understand why you believe music can be influential. The music sings our thoughts in a more poetic way and I believe it can also takes out aggressive tones. If music artists wrote more about political issues, do you think that would influence people to push for a change?

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