Posted by Hannah on April 25, 2017

The Child Labor Epidemic

Child labor affects more than 250 million children in our world today. Most of these countries are third-world, but what is not known is that child labor is still happening in the U.S. In North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia kids 15 and under are being put to work in tobacco fields.

Working in such conditions has lead to children being susceptible to contracting ” Green Tobacco Sickness” which happens when workers absorb the nicotine through their skin when handling tobacco. Other harmful effects are caused by the exposure to pesticides, which can lead to reproductive health problems, cancer, neurological problems, and other issues.
In my research, I also found that low-income youth are more likely to work in a high-risk occupation such as agriculture, mining, and construction. As well as suffer from poverty-related health problems: malnutrition, fatigue, and anemia.