The names of the videos that I watched was Ted’s secret to great public speaking and Good and Bad examples  of Presentation.  Anderson wanted viewers to understand that when giving a good presentation is understanding what an Idea is and can do.  An idea has many parts of developing to reasons in which it supports your main idea and how this can help you to connect it.  Some annotations I made was that I pointed out what an Idea is and how he explained what it is and how we the audience can almost feel what the presenter is feeling.  The second video I watched,  Good and Bad examples  of Presentation was more oral because I got to noticed what the presenter’s method to present mistakes were. I was also able to identify some of the common mistakes that in general myself has done.  Speaking in person on one on one I have no problem, but talking to a group of people and being the person presenting makes me feel nervous, anxious and my heart beats a lot.  In my old school I worked as a mentor and I had to give presentations about explaining a homework and even in my AP classes I was very shy. Talking in public was also the same but I was able to overcome this by focusing and really know what it is that I was talking about.


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