The names of the videos I watched were  “Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentation” and “Ted’s secret to great public speaking” (click on title for link).  Anderson wanted the viewers to understand that the greatest public speakers were the ones who gave the listeners an idea to think about and go back to that idea every once and awhile. One annotation I made was “even though every ted speaker is different they all have one thing in mind. They’re trying to give you an idea“. Some things I took away from the good and bad presentation was never to face the board and to never walk in with things in your hand because  it is distracting for everyone. I also took away that it’s good to keep a smile on your face, face the people you’re talking to and give them handouts so they can follow your presentation. It makes me very nervous to give presentations. Some people tell me, “Jerome, you’re good at talking to people. You’re funny. It’ll be no problem.” I don’t feel that way, though. I believe I’ll mess up and forget everything. One experience I’ve had in Ms. Paraiso’s English senior class has been that when I get up to speak, I tend to laugh a lot and then I start talking and it’s really fast and sometimes I mess up.

oral presentation photo

Photo by University of Michigan MSIS


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