Shakespeare has made it so that all types of people can relate. In the video with David Tennant, they both talk about how Shakespeare is still relevant today. Not only that Shakespeare has created many different plays that make many people think very differently. Shakespeare was quite clever because reading his plays can put a person’s way of thinking on a different level.

Some reasons why Shakespeare is still being studied is because Shakespeare (1st video 0:33) has created phrases that are still used to this day and (1st video 0:13) he was also gotten to the core of what it is to be a human being with emotions wants, needs, knowing that every human being has a bad side to themselves. 

To have words and phrases still being used to this day is extremely fascinating, just due to the fact that events that were played in the play still happen very often. The reactions to the video were things like agreeing with Shakespeare as “he gets to the nub of what it is to a human being.” Some were rather surprised that he just made up thousands of words. 

I am currently studying Othello. The strategies for understanding the play is reading lines two times slower, taken words into a different meaning, and acting as if I’m one of the characters. Trying to understand was the easiest part. Re-reading is the most helpful part also answering questions about the play helped. Questions helped me only because I understood the play a little. 

Also using “Shakespeare Made Easy” in Sparknotes, using the Audible made the language a little easier to understand, because when it’s said dramatically, it gives the reader an understanding of what Shakespeare is trying to say. 

Also, having a class discussion and watching the movie can be as much help as the other strategies. I am an eight out ten confident working with the language of the play because of all the time I spent trying to understand the language. 

At first, it was hard but as I continued to read on it became easier, I realized that many of the words are used the same way, and the words are just a little tweaked. I feel this confident only because if I can go through one of Shakespeare’s plays, I feel that the others will be as much as a challenge just with a little background I have with Othello.


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