My first reaction, about genetic engineering, was quite confusing because I never heard of a way we can add genetic genes to something. I feel like we are using it the right way because it’s helping people eat, then again we shouldn’t go overboard. For example, trying using them to have your own genetic child, basically the perfect child.


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  1. Justinian 2 years ago

    I would certainly agree that genetically modified organisms are beneficial as we use them now. I like to think that I look at things objectively, from a scientific perspective, in contrast to my mother, who has resolutely refused to change her point of view on the subject, no matter what evidence I present her with. However, though the addition of more nutrition into foods is certainly beneficial, the primary reason we have GMOs is that they are simply much easier to farm. The vast majority of corn and soybeans are GM, and have been for about 40 years. Whether we like it or not, Genetic engineering is here to stay. In reference to your point about a “perfect child,” I think it might be helpful to clarify that we are talking about on-demand genetic control, such that a parent could pick and choose each individual trait for their child.

  2. Samuel Domoulouka 2 years ago

    William I’ve never heard of genetic engineering but it sounds interesting and I want to know more about it. How did hear about it because it seems cool but not many people like me heard about it. I would like to know how it helps people eat if you knew. Do you know how long people have been trying to use genetic engineering to have their own genetic child and what types of ways have they tried. I also think there’s no such thing as a perfect child because everyone want a different kid.

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