Posted by Guadalupe on April 20, 2017

Studying Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s is still still studied at schools today because they can relate to the play’s  because it talks about things that even though the years pass there things that never change like how humans are with their jealousy, hate, and love . For example in the video “To lead or not to lead” The guy talks about how humans want to make their lives better and their communities better and also how that’s part of Shakespeare’s play . My reaction to  the videos that we seen , is that I agree with what is being said because i feel like everyone could relate to Shakespeare’s play for the reason that it’s just how humans are.The shakespeare play that we are currently studying is  Othello and this play show us how the jealousy of humans blinds them and makes them see things that are not there and I think a strategy that I used for understanding the play was to put myself in Othello’s play and It gave me a better understanding on how Othello was feeling throughout the play .At first as I started reading the play I was really confused about the words but as I started to see them over and over again they started to connect and my brain started to understand it , I feel like it’s just like learning a second language.

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images