The first word I looked up was shirt. It was first used in 1771. It is very old it it has been around for a long time. Other words that are similar to are skirt or tunic. Another word I looked up was school. It has been around since the mid-1500. It still means the same thing to this day the meaning hasn’t really changed. It went from meaning a group of people moving together, to  a place where people learn and get an education. The last and final word I  chose was family. This word started in the 1500’s. It was meant to be used as to describe the servants in  a household.

“There’s magic in the web of it…. The worms were hallow’d that did breed the silk, and it was dyed in mummy which the skillful conserved of maiden’s hearts.”


In This specific quote Othello is describing the  handkerchief that he gave  Desdemona  he uses interesting words to describe the “power” the handkerchief has. He starts of by saying it has “magic”  Magic can be interpreted  in many different ways, it can be used as  adjective,verb, or noun.In this particular quote he uses as a noun to show the quality of the handkerchief .When he says the web he is talking about inside of it. He could have  used many different words such as middle,center, or in between of it. He chose the word web because he  wanted the reader to feel the power how the power is captured inside of the handkerchief.  He says the Handkerchief was made out of worms  which means it was made out of serpents which are usually related to the devil. The serpents were hallow’d which means that they were turned holy.When things are turned holy they are turned over to the good side .He  says that the silk was made from worms that were hallow’d to show that the handkerchief had “holy” power which can relate to religion. He then tells Desdemona that it was dyed with fluids from virgin’s hearts.He tells her that it was made from virgin hearts to show how pure the handkerchief was and how much it was worth.The message he was trying to get across is that the handkerchief is very important.Instead of just saying that he chose to use a biblical reference so that the reader can connect spiritually of how important the handkerchief was to Othello.  He also contradicted himself because back in scene 1 he told Desdemona’s  father that the only magic he used was his story he use to tell her.Now that it’s later in the story he reveals that he had some type of magical help from the handkerchief .Shakespeare does this to show that love is a very strong power and can be interpreted many different ways.


“Can he be angry? I have seen the cannon  When it hath blown his ranks into the air And, like the devil, from his very arm Puffed his own brother—and is he angry?Can he be angry”


In this quote Iago is talking to Desdemona about how Othello is upset. Iago talks about how he never seen Othello upset even though he has did things like watch his soldiers die and kill his own brother.He uses the biblical term “Devil” to describe Othello . He uses that to say the Othello is not human but he tries to say it in a negative way to make Othello seem  like othello is an evil guy who is heartless and doesn’t show any emotions. This is hard for Iago to believe because this is the same man who in act 1 had swords drawn against him and he didn’t show no sign of anger he calmly tells the men to put their swords down.”keep up your bright swords,for the dew will rust them.” That quote shows Othello calm demeanor never showing emotion at all.Once Iago hears Desdemona say that he’s upset he immediately says he going to go talk to him to see if it’s really true.He jumps up immediately because he realizes it’s his chance to take advantage of Othello being upset . This is all apart of Iago’s plan to get revenge on  Othello.


“Tis not a year or two shows us a man they are all but stomachs and we all but food;They eat us hungrily and when they are full they belch us look you! Cassio and my husband”

In this quote  Emilia is telling Desdemona how men don’t do nothing but use women. Shakespeare uses various words to tell Desdemona  how men aren’t nothing. She tells Desdemona that in  a year or two she is going to start seeing  Othello true colors. Shakespeare chose to compare it to eating  and burping because   he wanted to get the point across that men will use  you up for all of your nutrients  just like people do with food and burp out the extra  stuff we don’t need. Emilia says that the Men just want you for one thing  they will act like they care for you and make it seem like they really love you.Then after  they get use to you then they don’t want you anymore .They  just want to use you for whatever you have to offer.The irony behind this is that Emilia is trying to make it seem like Othello used Desdemona but he really didn’t .This is a case of appearance vs reality.



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