The play that I have chosen is Othello, Scene I have chosen was from act 2 scene 1, line 180- 188. The character  I have chose is Iago. The way it was done based of the movie was said in a very hesitant tone. The line’s are all said to the audience otherwise to himself . The volume was changed very often with still that same speeded up pace of saying the lines. While I rehearsed the lines I ran into a lot of setbacks one of them which is gong to be very obvious towards the end, me not being familiar with some words and the order they are put in confused me but  I had trouble pronouncing clyster pipe and I tried my best and what  had recorded was the best. The character traits as i performed was very complex I had to make facial expression to say the lines the way  wanted them to come out. Overall it was difficult speaking shakespeare through my teeth.


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