Shakespeare is still studied in schools today because in the video titled “Why study Shakespeare today?” it said that learning about shakespeare in class can really express student’s feelings about certain things in the book that they can relate to without them even knowing.  My reactions were that I kinda disagree with some of the things in a one of the video’s titled “ David Tennant explains Shakespeare still matters” because I don’t know many people that really care about Shakespeare and it is basically taught in schools so kids are “supposed” to care about it then because it is part of their grade but in my opinion no one cares about it since the language Shakespeare has written about isn’t used anymore.  Describe what your strategies are for approaching and understanding the play? The Shakespeare play I am currently studying is Othello. My strategies for approaching and understanding this play is to look up the words i read and don’t know on the Etymology Dictionary and Shakespeare made Easy. I don’t feel as confused as i did in the beginning, I am not completely confident but i feel like i can read the play and understand a few words.


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