1).Quote: {Othello} Get me some poison, Iago this night. I’ll not expostulate with her, lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind again. This night, Iago: (Act IV.i.215-220).


      Analysis: The Phrase“ Get me some poison” could refer to othello wanting to use it to hurt or kill his wife from him being mad and frustrated and letting Iago manipulate him to think his wife is doing something she is not doing. In his mind he thinks he has been poisoned by desdemona cheating on him. His antidote is for him to kill desdemona. This could refer back to in  Act 1, Scene to when Brabantio says “Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals That weaken motion”. The similarities between the poison with Desdemona is that all these men want and try to poison her but the outcome that is supposed to happen never happens; It always gets away from her.  The word “lest” could mean he has the intention of poison her but he worries he will not follow through with his plan. When he is expostulated with her he worries that she will have this effect like a charm on him. But at the end the Irony is that Othello is the true poison because he is the one that ends up killing her. The idea that this will all be at this particular night is that if it doesn’t happen tonight he thinks her body and beauty will change his mind. The significance of doing things at night is that people can get away easier at night because it is harder to see.




[Othello]: “What dost thou think?”

[Iago]:  “Think, my lord?  

[Othello]Think, my lord? By heaven,he echoes me, As if there were some monster in his thought Too hideous to be shown’. (Act 111,Scene 111)



        Analysis: Iago repeating  the question can have an  effect on Othello ,By Othello getting angry because Iago is not answering Othello so it is making Othello  want an answer even more.The Irony of the answer that he is going to get is going to make him mad and frustrated. The word “monster” can be defined as one, a an animal of strange or terrifying shape or two, a threatening force, or lastly, a one that is highly successful. The animals refers back to Othello because he the monster of the story, like when Iago references back to in Act 1,Scene 1 to the “Making the  beast with two backs”. This referred to Desdemona and Othello but now, in Othello’s mind, it is referring to Desdemona and Cassio because of  the manipulation from Iago. The second reference can be Othello losing control and not being able to control himself, unlike in Act 11,scene 111 when he said” He that stirs next to carve for his own rage Holds his soul light;he dies upon his motion. This goes back to othello keeping control with the power of only speaking. The third reference can be Iago Being successful at what he. This will show us that he is very successful at what he does because manipulated othello entire mine to thinking his wife desdemona is doing something that she is not and othello is going to kill her because of what he has been told not what he now. Iago has become a  monster now he is turning somebody else into a monster.


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