¨She that I spake of, our great captainś captain, Left in the conduct of the bold Iago; Whose footing here anticipates our thoughts A seńinightś speed. Great Jove, Othello guard , And swell his sail with thine own powerful breath, That he may bless this bay with his tall ship, Make loveś quick pants in Desdemonaś arms, Give renew´d fire to our extincted spirits, and bring all Cyprus comfort.” Line 81-89


Analysis: ¨ Bold Iago” Is an example of dramatic Irony. Anxious feelings  about  how Iago is bold when he doesn´t care for women or desdemona in this case for sure. It draws frustration that the other characters don´t get that heś not a good person. Cassio putting so much trust in Iago is a tragedy cause he feels like Iago is a good person and Iago turns it against him after all of that. This is an example of how Fate plays a role in making this a tragedy because its sad what makes Cassio a good person draws him to his downfall.  Knowing that Iago isn’t what the other characters think he is frustrating because Shakespeare makes everyone to believe that he is someone who is good and cares about every one but he is no good to any of the characters that think this.  Great jove is an example of a mythological reference to Jove and he is the god of the skies and king of the gods. Women in these times weren´t put on a pedestal as high as men and this draws me to like Cassio. Women should be respected just as high as men because they are human just like anyone else we are all equal. Shakepeare has made Cassio a way of saying that everyone is equal and also Cassioś a good character.




Quote: Three lads of Cyprus, noble swelling spirits, That hold their honors in a wary distance, The very elements of this warlike isle, Have I tonight fluster with flowing cups, And they watch too. Line 49-52

Analysis: Swelling means something being big. Here, Shakespeare is using “swelling” to represent the “three lads’” vibrant, prideful personalities. But welling can also mean someone is hurt or sick. This shows that the same quality that makes them powerful is also one that makes them weak and vulnerable. The “three lads” are Roderigo, Montano and Cassio. Iago has used Flowing cups of alcohol to manipulate the three lads. Their pride is so important to them its like an element.  “Element” means a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. This shows they’re reputation is the building blocks of who they are. By destroying this Shakespeare is tearing Cassio apart.


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