Listening to music helps you in many ways to deal with stress. The soothing sounds of music channels emotions in your body that helps you relieve the stress and block it out. The sounds of music has a huge effect on the mind and the body. Studies have shown that the slow and classical music calms people down. This is a technique I use in a daily life. It’s a relaxing method that gets your mind right. The physiological benefits from this strategy is it helps you with you release stress and it puts you in a better mind state.


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  1. calderamlit 2 years ago

    Hi KeJahn,

    I enjoyed reading your post about the effects of music on relaxation. Personally, I find the sounds of nature to be the most relaxing. Waves, crickets in the nighttime, and all the sounds of birds and animals are very pleasing to me, especially in the summer time and at night when everything is peaceful and calm. As a musician, I am glad that music helps many people relax. However, I think that one should still be careful not to see music as only a relaxing sound, because most of the time it can have a much deeper effect when listened to carefully instead of zoning out to.

  2. aubree 2 years ago

    Hi Kejahn,
    Your blog has made me think about listening to more music. I know that recently I’ve been so very stressed out. I have been on the search for something that I can do every day to relax myself, but it’s kind hard finding time for something everyday. I never really thought about changing up my music. I might just try it though. I know that every once in awhile just taking a moment to respond to myself and just taking a moment helps me tremendously.

  3. Alex 2 years ago

    This is a very helpful post. I often deal with stress management problems. It really is a bigger problem for teens than most people think. It can have harsh effects on the body. Just like you, I find music to be a very helpful coping mechanism. Music can help no matter what mood someone is in. There are so many different genres. Music can shift your thoughts quickly. I agree that classical music can be very soothing and calming. Have you ever tried listening to country music before? It is my favorite. Try it and let me know how it goes.

  4. Arya 2 years ago


    I liked reading your post! The past month, I have felt really stressed, for we have finals in certain classes coming up within the next week. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine recommended that I start listening to music to help calm down before I start homework or before I go to bed. I have to admit, I was apprehensive at first, but now I look forward to listening to music before I crack my book open. Music definitely “gets [my] mind right,” as you said in your post. I can effectively calm down and crank out my work faster than ever, and I can stay relaxed for longer periods of time now too.

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