Shakespeare’s language, does it matter?


shakespeare photoAfter watching the “David Tennant Explains Why Shakespeare Still Matters” video, Shakespeare is still studied in schools today because he has a way of saying things that no one else can. He knows how to clearly explain how it is to be a human.  When i heard that, I 106% disagreed with that. I feel that there are other people out there that are actually better than Shakespeare.

In the video “Why Study Shakespeare Today?” , Shakespeare is still studied in school today because Shakespeare is a way to talk about race, religion, relationships, etc.  I feel that it’s false because you’d have to understand the language first then learn about the topic and that’s backtracking.

Sitting through the film “To Lead or Not to Lead: Changing the World with Shakespeare | Guy Roberts” , Shakespeare is still studied in school today because when you learn about him, it affect the right hemisphere of the brain, the part that deals with autobiographic memory. Shakespeare changes young brains as well as old brains.

I am currently studying the play Othello. My strategies for understanding the play are reading aloud and using Shakespeare made easy.

I am 85% confident on working with the language of the play right now. I feel that after reading the play i can understand the words more better and my vocabulary has expanded.


Photo by The British Library


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