From watching all 3 videos, it is easy to conclude that Shakespeare can be important to read in the modern day because of the effects it can bring forward. Some reasons Shakespeare is still studied today in schools because it can help students open up their minds and be exposed to the idea of interpreting words and phrases considering the context of the scene. It is also important because it can help the students develop their reading skills and their thinking skills for they have to look deeper into words. We are currently doing “Othello” and some strategies we used to understand this book, would include re-reading and analyzing words and terms. Re-reading helped because at first you only understand the words, but when you re-read it, then you can actually break down the lines and find meaning for them considering their context and the play itself. Analyzing helped because we had to look deep into the lines and find out what it could have really meant and maybe even give it our own meaning at times.I was not confident at first but once our teacher guided us and showed us how to read and understand most of it, then I was able to read it and be able to actually understand it and not just read the text.


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