Being a African American female in America was hard enough and having someone as crucial as Donald Trump in the oval office makes it even harder not just for me but for all minorities. The idea of safety pins is going in the right direction, but what difference will it have on the non-minorities who don’t care. Think of it like this if someone who didn’t know about the meaning of wearing a safety pin would just think oh she is wearing a safety pin for a fashion statement. Safety pins just don’t make a loud enough movement piece to me, don’t get me wrong it is a good idea and everyone has to start somewhere. If many not so many people know about the safety pins what awareness does it bring to the situation. We need something bold, something loud. At the same time though nobody was really concerned when they were doing all that voting for Trump. Now that he is actually banning people and saying all these things about all the fellow “Americans” that voted for their “Dear” president, now everyone wants him out of office. Most people stood behind him when was in the processes of being elected, but now where are all his supporters? The safety pin idea could really work if they added more to it. Take some ribbon and make it a certain color for this situation. It could also work of more people knew about the actual meaning. For those who don’t know the safety pin symbolizes taking a stand against racism, sexism, and xenophobia. I stand behind this idea and i think it is an amazing start.safety pins photo

Photo by Anders Bornholm


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  1. Anwar 2 years ago

    i never knew about this and thought safety pins was just a object but it has a significance

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