“I will chop her into messes. Cuckold me!” (act 4 scene 1, line 210)


Othello here is so angry after hearing both Cassio and Iago talking, he’s so mad he now wants to murder Desdemona. The word “messes” means pieces, so basically Othello is saying that he’ll chop Desdemona into pieces. He wants to kill her so bad because of the influence Iago has been giving him. The phrase “Cuckold me!” means a man whose wife has been unfaithful, so basically Othello is saying like how could she cheat on him, and be unfaithful towards him.


“Upon my knees, what doth your speech import? I understand a fury in your words, But not the words”  (act 4 scene 2, lines 35-37)
Desdemona is scared and confused, she wants to know what is making Othello angry. The phrase “What doth your speech import?” meaning like what are you saying?, Desdemona asks othello that because he is saying a lot of things about her and Cassio but she doesn’t know anything about it. The word “Fury” means anger, frustration, Othello is so frustrated about Desdemona can’t do anything about it because she doesn’t know what is making Othello mad, she tells him that she knows he’s frustrated but she doesn’t know what he’s saying.


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