Analyzing and Writing about the Language in Shakespeare

“Look to her ,moor if thou hast eyes to see;/She has deceived her father,and may thee./ my life upon her faith! Honest iago” (Act 1. Iii 7)
The quote

The phrase is “She has deceived her father,and may thee”brab is trying to say that she lied to her dad that she would never marry someone without her dad’s consent and she married someone. He telling othello she did  this to her own blood just watch out she might do it to you. It can also mean that she don’t love you and she just playing with you and her wedding bows don’t mean nothing to you. Deceived can mean in the feminist lens that all women cheat at a time in there life.




That can thy light relume when i have pluck’d the rose,/ i cannot give it vital growth again/

Act 5 scene ii 13-14


The phrase is vital means manifesting of life he say that after what he does to dese he can’t bring her back to life so she can live with him again. Othello is referring to dese with l growth as she is a healthy women but she has to die because she has hurt him bad she cheated on him. He says dese is a rose to him. He say that he has pluck’d the rose he picked out  the girl that stands out to him from the other girls/roses the one he picked. He picked the best but she was not the best for him so he had to kill the rose we loved so much.



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