I have reason to believe that teachers still use Shakespeare to teach students the old English and show students how it was to talk English which is now known as ‘old English’. By using the old English teachers give students resources to search up the word and the background of the word, for me personally  used etymology to help me with the background of the words and how it was used and the meaning of it and it was very helpful because it was very specific with what it was saying and it showed me how to use the word in a certain sentence. The video that I thought was really deep was the Adrian’s video because he showed the deep emotion that was needed and how it felt during the play and that was the same emotion that I felt like using in my recording but i couldn’t be that serious. I was very impressed by how all the different people were presenting and acting out their quotes, it was a different style and their own special touch, but like I said I liked Adrian’s more. I am currently studing act 4 scene 1 and it is when othello is describing Desdemona using animal imagery because he is very angry and pissed at her because he think that she is cheating on him and she is not but Othello does not believe that and he eventually kills her. Right now I think I am around 89% out of 100% confident using the language and understanding it. This book is useful for teachers because it gives students a sense of the old English and their vocabulary can also expand.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Analysis on Why Othello is useful for teachers. by Tomas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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