Shakespeare is still studied in schools because it’s where the beginning of new word development and creation began. Shakespeare himself have created many of the words we used today to describe many things. He had left behind many of his popular writings and playwrights. Guy Robert said that Shakespeare himself had put in hidden messages and his ideals into his very writings. “Individuals who want to achieve happiness and reduce their own sufferings”. I think its a very interesting concept because its true that Shakespeare does follow that concept in all of his writings.

The play I’m currently following for Shakespeare is Othello and the way I went about beginning to understand Othello is by reading it out aloud with fellow classmates. We also performed some activities which helped me retain some memory about the play such as partnering up and rewording the text into modern english. I’m sorta confident with continuing to read in Shakespeare, it’s still a struggle with knowing some of the words that have different meaning from the past. However it’s quite enjoyable once I began to understand and be able to read the meaning behind some words.


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