Shakespeare is still studied today because he created 1700 words as David Tennant said as he explained why Shakespeare matters.  Those words and sayings are still being used in today’s age. They’re modern words that one person made up. He has made a big impact on the English language since he has perfected his stories and things. I dont agree with certain things they say in the videos. Such as the TED talks video. When he says things about how he sees the world differently. And profound things as a man. But I do believe that in all languages, certain things that are said have to do with shakespeare. I am currently studying the play of Othello By Shakespeare via the book. With the old elizabethan language, it is hard to comprehend what is being said as Othello uses his own witty language to tell a story. My strategy that i use to help myself is mainly just trying to translate the language through sparknotes. As the have an “Shakespeare made easy” section on the site.I don’t have too many problems with understanding. I am pretty confident in comprehending the book now since i’ve read large portions of the book. I feel that way also because we as a class has watched the movie so that also helps us to hear the language.


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