In the first Video David Tennant said  that Shakespeare still exist and studied in most schools today because he has a way of saying things that has never been better also because he has a way of getting a nub of what it is to be human.For this playlist I am focusing on Othello written by Shakespeare and some of the strategies that helped me understood the play is when i do close readings on some paragraphs to be able to know what Shakespeare is really talking about. Also something that was very helpful and made me understand the play more is when after we read an Act we would watch the film and that has made me understand Othello even more I also feel like if I didn’t use these strategies I will forever think Shakespeare is boring but after going through this process I know that I will always remember the first book I ever read and felt happy and that book is written by Shakespeare, Othello.At this point I think on a scale 1-10. I am confident that I am comfortable with Shakespeare language with an 8 because I feel like the past two months I have develop a sense of how to understand Shakespeare when I read Othello only I understand what is going on without searching up or looking at the translation of what that specific paragraph was talking about and I feel like you will understand and like Shakespeare if you put your mind into the play and also predicting what is next to happen I also feel like that was the most exciting part about the play is having to guess and foreshadowing.




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