Posted by Surako on April 17, 2017

Owning Shakespeare “Reflection”

Kim stated that Shakespeare has a way of showing race, religion and war when writing plays. I disagree on “Why Study Shakespeare today?”, because I feel that students who feel more comfortable talking about issues that happen in day to day life situations often tend to feel more engaged when that topic is brought up than listening or reading fictional books. My initial reaction to the video is that Shakespeare would excite people when they explain to others. The play I am currently studying right now is Othello. The strategies i’m approaching to understand it is by watching the movie and asking Ms. P for further information on what certain words mean. I am confident in working with the language right now because it’s a website that I go to labeled sparknotes and they have the new english we use today to modify the old english Shakespeare wrote. Also looking up the words that I do not understand on the etymology dictionary.