This is my best written analysis for Shakespeare’s Othello.

 “She  is gone I am abused and my relief must be to loathe her” (3.3.265) 

 Othello is saying  that Desdemona is gone and she has cheated on him and he hates her.  He also is saying his marriage has been cursed. The phrase “she  is gone i’m abused”When he say he is relief he starting to stop caring,  Knowing what he think he knows made  him feel  hateful and disgusted , he also feel relief because he really loved her and cared about her. He  refers to his emotions and  iago having him think she is  leaving and already did her dirty work of cheating .The irony is the relief because when you’re relief it suppose to make you feel good but here in this text it ‘s making him feel bad. This connect back to Act 1 scene 1 when Brabantio said “ It is to true and and evil gone she is and what to come of my despised time”. Then he says  in Act 1 scene 1 “ By which the property of youth and manhood  May be abused”.  This hurts Othello even more because Brabantio told Othello she will betrayed him because she betrayed her on father and it hurt Othello even more and also made him mad even more because what he said was true, that why othello repeats the lines. All this happening made Othello want to” loathe her” and kill her.  To Loathe somebody mean you are disgusted with them. It ‘s different from hate because when you hate somebody you just dislike them but when  you disgusted  you really don’t like them or can’t stand to look or  be around them  Othello is saying he is disgusted because  he is getting cheated on by the girl he loves and she is cheating on him with his old friend Cassio who he really trusted. Another disgust is when Iago tells Othello that Cassio was dreaming about Desdemona and they way he was describing them as animals.

” If she be false ,O, then heaven mocks itself! Ill not believe it” (3.3 309).

Here Othello is saying he doesn’t believe Desdemona cheated on him.  The word mock can mean many things like repeating after someone  and it also can mean tricking you.Mock can mean making a fool out of yourself. He saying this word because he repeated the same thing Brabantio said to him   Act 1 scene 2“Damn’d as thou art, thou hast enchanted her….. The wealthy ,curled darlings of our nation ,would ever have ,to incur a general mock, Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom of such a thing as thou” this quote here connect back to when Brabantio thought his daughter wouldn’t leave him and Othello thinks Desdemona won’t leave him but they are repeating the same lines basically. The word mock means to repeat some one else and they are both saying it.  Despite these sentiments being the same  reality is not always the same Brabantio and Othello had to different realities. By not having the handkerchief and fooling around with Cassio. He uses the word heaven because his heaven love is fake to him now. So he can’t  trust her anymore that why he say he won’t believe it.  The word Mock Connect to appearance vs reality because what being copied is the betrayal. Othello felt betrayed because he thought Desdemona lost the handkerchief he also  thought she was  fooling around with Cassio. Desdemona is like heaven because she very pretty and everybody wants her. When Othello say heaven will mock itself he saying she is not like heaven if she is really cheating because heaven is a peaceful trustworthy place.

“Tis not a year or two shows us a man They are all but stomachs and we all but food; They eat us hungrily and when they are full They belch us look you! Cassio and my husband” (3.4.110-114)

This quote here is saying when you are in a relationship you don’t realize how the man really is that you are with till later on in the relationship but soon. She describing the word “but food” as in when you eat so fast than after you belch . This connect back to Male and female relationship because when the men get everything he want in relationship you start to see the true colors.. The women are like waste that what the belch mean.  Man think women are to much as a excessive . In Act 3 scene 3 Othello says  “ Think my lord ? By heaven ,he echoes  me As if there were some monster in his thought”. He is saying heaven is the monster he is  relating back to Desdemona because she is like heaven and everybody wants her. . She is the monster to Othello because she is destroying his love and his impact on the way he feels about her.The man is is looking for the body parts and when they get it they get over them. Emilia is saying all this because she is married to Iago who is a monster Emilia is telling Desdemona this so she can be prepared what going to happen but Emilia said it will happen in a year or two. Ironically, for Desdemona and Othello, it has only been a few months in their relationship. 


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