Here are my best critical analysis of the play Othello.

Quote:Othello: “Come, swear it, damn thyself;/ lest, being like one of heaven, the devils themselves/should fear to seize thee. Therefore be doubledamn’d;/Swear thou art honest.” (Act 4 sc 2, line 40-43).            

Othello and desdemona were discussing were his thought of her infidelity and she swore to him that she has forever been loyal to him.To “swear” is to affirm that something is the case, like when a person promises something in their mother’s name. The affirmation was that she has never cheated. Also, to “swear” is to curse or wish evil on someone.  He then refers to the bible, So he tells her to continue to lie so she can be “doubledamn’d” to hell with lucifer for it. That God will condemn her to the devil and she will be tormented because he disapproves of dishonesty. On the other hand, if she tells him the truth the gods will think she is an angel.

Iago: “I pray you, be content; tis but his humor: the business of the state does him offense,/ and he does chide with you.” (Act 4 sc 2, 185-187). This isn’t the first time Iago has asked for someone to be content.  In Act 1 sc 1, Iago asked Roderigo to content as well. It’s ironic that he always asks for peace when he’s always stirring up conflict. When he speaks on the humor, he could mean simply a joking manner. But then humor also means the state of mind. So disregard his ill manner could also be what he is saying disregard his ill humor.  Business of the state could be Othello’s state of mind. It can also be referred to politics. To chide is to scold.



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