Texting and driving is a big issue today, especially because technology plays a big role in society. Nowadays, almost everyone is consumed by electronics. People are attached to their cellphones. Because of this people have a difficult time putting down their cellphones while driving. Some drivers think they have the ability to “multitask”, but it only takes one second of your eyes off of the road to cause a car crash. This billboard gives drivers the harsh reality if they choose to make the choice to text and drive. The billboard may have a dark message, but it makes drivers fear what will happen if they choose a text message over a life.

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  1. MacKenzie 3 years ago

    Hi Eliza
    I completely agree with you texting and driving has become a major problem in society today. I think you hit the nail right on the head by saying “it only takes one second of you eyes off the road to cause a crash.” I still don’t understand why people decide that a text can’t wait five minutes until to car is stopped. What is it going to take for people to understand this? Something happening to them? What can people do to stop texting and driving?

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