Author: leidy

Shakespeare Now!

The reason that Shakespeare is used today in school because it explains to the students that there are the different way of describing how the racism has been used in the back of the days. “Why study Shakespeare today” talks about why students should read the book in school. My reaction to it was outstanding because I didn’t know that it had a meaning even tho it was fiction it helps people understand the meaning. In each presenter explain why they have been connected to the story of Shakespeare which it helped a lot and even changed their life.

The play I am reading is “Othello,” and the strategies I use to understand the book is listening to it out loud. Hearing the play helps me by the way they talk and if there is conflict or any other action occurring.

I am confident with the play because by hearing it I understand that there is something going on and which I feel like I am in the play and I know what’s going on. Hearing to play helps me understand some meaning of the words by the conflict that is occurring in the play.