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There were plenty of unrecognized movements in history, many of which were recognized later. The Safety Pin movement I do not believe will be one of them. While the gesture to create the movement to show that someone doesn’t support Trump is nice, it doesn’t speak very loudly.

The “Safety Pin” Movement is a movement that says “I do not support Trump or what he stands for.”. For whatever reason one may have, whether they be members of the LGBTQ+ community, or blacks, whites, etc. The idea is to wear safety pin(s) on clothing, purses, backpacks, ect.

This is an amazing movement; however, when I think of a movement, I literally think of movement. It’s something that should move me, whether that be physically or emotionally. It should make me want to take action.

The first time I heard about this movement was about two weeks ago for an assignment in my English class. It has been going on for quite a bit longer than two weeks. What powerful movement isn’t spoken of?

When I think of a recent powerful movement I think of the movement that the Women of America made, it front of the white house a couple of months ago. Standing up for their right to simply BE women. I think of the Women’s Rights movement. I think of the Civil Rights movement.

While I do not think this movement speaks for itself, and I certainly do not believe it’s well known, I do think it has an amazing cause and I support it. I will spread the word, I will wear my safety pins. This movement will be loud enough to knock Trump out of office and it will not go down in history as an unknown and unspoken movement.


Photo by Mauro Cateb


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